Don't forget to visit us at our pop-up locations at local Little Leagues and USSSA Baseball tournaments in Louisville and surrounding areas.  See you at the 2023 Little League state tournament in Lexington in 2023!

Adult $15
Youth $12
 Pick yours up at 
Louisville Slugger Field 
during Bats home games
order online 
by emailing us at

 To our friends and customers:

Happy New Year!  We will be returning to local Little Leagues and USSSA Baseball tournaments this spring.  If your organization would like for us to send out one of our Slugger Monkey mobile booths to help your team/organization raise money, please contact us at (502) 439-6168 or thesluggermonkey@gmail.com.    We specialize in baseball cards and bobbleheads with some basketball, football and Pokemon, as well.  And we are always here for your holiday and birthday special gifts for that special someone.  Just ask!

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