Addison Russell (Ltd. Ed. World Series 2016) $40
Albert Pujols (Angels Limited Edition #d/2013 made) $35
Albert Pujols (Cardinals Limited Edition #d/2011 made) $35
Albert Pujols (Cardinals Stadium Edition “Socks” 2005) $35
Andrew McCutchen (Exclusive 2016 Ltd. Ed. #d/246 made) $49
Andy Pettitte (Ltd. Ed. 2009 World Series Champion #d/2009) $29
Anthony Rizzo (Limited Edition #d/2016) $35
Anthony Rizzo (Ltd. Ed. World Series 2016) $40
Babe Ruth (Cooperstown Hall of Fame Ed., Yankees Away Uniform #d/5714 made) $60
Babe Ruth (Yankees Home Run Swing #d/714) $60
Babe Ruth (Cooperstown H.O.F Ed., Pitcher Pose, Red Sox #d/5714 made) $100
Babe Ruth (Red Sox uniform, Sold to Yankees #d/714) $60
Ben Zobrist (Ltd. Ed. World Series 2016) $40
Billy Hamilton/Vince Coleman (Men of Steal Tribute) $25
Brandon Phillips (Reds Stadium Give-Away) $25
Bryce Harper (Ltd. Ed. Exclusive 2016 #d/228) $49
Buster Posey (Limited Edition #d/2015 made) $35
C.C. Sabathia (Ltd. Ed. 2009 World Series Champion #d/2009) $29
Cal Ripken (Ltd. Ed. Exclusive World Series, H.O.F., M.V.P. #d/300 made) $99
Cal Ripken (2003 Legends of the Park #d/10,000 made) $70 
Carlos Correa (Limited Edition #d/2016) $35
Cincinnati Reds Mr. Redlegs Mascot (Ltd. Ed. #d/2016) $40
Clayton Kershaw (Ltd. Ed. 2016 Exclusive #d/156 made) $59
Dave Concepcion (Limited Edition S.G.A.) $40
Derek Jeter (Ltd. Ed. 3000th Hit Commemorative #d/3,000 made) $80
Derek Jeter (Ltd. Ed. 2009 World Series Champion #d/10,000 made) $80
Derek Jeter (Ltd. Ed. 2014 Retirement, Tip of the Cap #d/2014) $125
Derek Jeter (Ltd. Ed. 2014 5x World Series Champ-5 Rings #d/2014) $125
Devin Mesoraco (Reds Stadium Give-Away) $25
Dustin Pedroia (Ltd. Ed. 2013 World Series Post-Game #d/300) $69
Dustin Pedroia (Limited Edition #d/2016 made) $35
Eugenio Suarez (2016 Reds Stadium Give-Away) $25
Felix Hernandez (Ltd. Ed. Cy Young Award #d/300 made) $49
Frank Robinson (Reds Legends Stadium Give-Away) $25
Freddie Freeman (Ltd. Ed. #d/2016 made) $35
Hank Aaron (2013 Milwaukee Stadium Edition) $40
Jake Arrieta (Ltd. Ed. World Series 2016) $40
Javier Baez (Ltd. Ed. World Series 2016) $40 2016)
Joe Maddon (Ltd. Ed. World Series 2016) $40
Joey Votto (Louisville Bats) $35
Joey Votto (Limited Edition S.G.A., M.V.P. Edition) $50
Joey Votto (Limited Edition S.G.A., Gold Glove Edition) $40
Joey Votto (Limited Edition #d/2016 made) $35
Johnny Bench (Hall of Fame, World Series & MVP #d/300 made) $150
Johnny Bench (2003 Cooperstown Collection #d/10,000) $70
Jon Lester (Ltd. Ed. World Series 2016) $40
Justin Verlander (Limited Edition #d/2013 made) $29
Justin Verlander (Ltd. Ed. M.V.P./Cy Young Award #d/300) $59
Kris Bryant (Rookie Ltd. Ed. #d/2015) $49
Kris Bryant (Ltd. Ed. World Series 2016) $40
Kris Bryant (Ltd. Ed. Exclusive 2016 #d/330 made) $59
Kyle Schwarber (Ltd. Ed. World Series 2016) $40
Kyle Schwarber (Ltd. Ed. Exclusive 2016 #d/336) $49
Lou Gehrig (Cooperstown Hall of Fame Ed., Yankees Home #d/5004 made) $60
Lou Gehrig (Cooperstown H.O.F., Statistics Edition #d/5004 made) $75
Mark Teixeira (Ltd. Ed. 2009 World Series Champion #d/2009) $29
Miguel Cabrera (Limited Edition #d/2016) $35
Mike Trout (Limited Edition #d/2014 made) $35
Mike Trout (Ltd. Ed. "The Catch " Robs Home Run #d/360) $99
Mike Trout (Ltd. Ed. 2016 Exclusive #d/192 made) $49
Noah Syndergaard (Limited Edition #d/2016 made) $35
Nolan Ryan (Cooperstown Hall of Fame Ed., Astros #d/10,000 made) $99
Nolan Ryan (Cooperstown Hall of Fame Ed., Rangers #d/10,000 made) $99
Nolan Ryan (Cooperstown Hall of Fame Ed., Angels #d/5,000 made) $99
Pete Rose (Big Red Machine Reunion SGA, Hit Record, Ltd. Ed. 10,000 made) $40
Pete Rose (Breaks Ty Cobb’s Record Pose, SCD Promo, 4192 made) $60
Ryne Sandberg (Hall of Fame & MVP #d/300 made) $150
Sparky Anderson (Ltd. Ed. Exclusive World Series, Hall of Fame #d/150 made) $89
Ted Power (2016 Louisville Bats Stadium Give-Away)
Todd Frazier (Louisville Bats, All-Star Home Run Derby Winner) $25
Yadier Molina (Limited Edition #d/2015 made) $35


LeBron James (Rookie, White Uniform, Ltd. Ed. #d/5000 made) $60
LeBron James (Rookie, Red Uniform, Ltd. Ed. #d/5000 made) $60
Stephen Curry (Ltd. Ed. #d/2016 made) $40


Eli Manning (Ltd. Ed. Super Bowl XLVI Champion #d/2011) $40
Peyton Manning (Broncos, Limited Edition #d/2012 made) $40
Tony Romo (Limited Edition #d/2011 made) $15
Tony Romo (Big Head Edition) $15
Walter Payton (Soldier Field Limited Edition) $40